Main Courses
What is Doppelgänger?
A gastronomic space within the Antón Martín market, to offer seasonal products with haute cuisine preparation techniques. Focusing on taste and less on aesthetics.
At the helm the prestigious chef Samy Ali Rando who achieved a Michelin star and a Repsol Sun with his previous project “La Candela Restó”.

Gazpacho Kimchee
Our version of Andalusian Gazpacho with Korean Kimchee foam (Spicy).

Crispy taco of Huelva white shrimp and jalapeño tartar
And Mastuerzo leaf. The crisp is made with the juice from the shrimp heads.
(a bit spicy) Gluten free option available

Egg Dragon
Chicken egg, Chinese osmosis, fumet in black tea and spinach
Gluten free option available

Bittersweet pig
Pork belly meatballs bathed in sweet and sour red prawns sauce,
accompanied with orange and Romaine lettuce

Brandada Naam
Naan bread with brandade of cod, black olive and chili pepper

Fish of the day, in traditional marinade with Mexican chiles, fermented soy beans, finished in tempura.
With aniseed marmalade and lemon peel.

The best of chicken
Roasted chicken skin with thyme, huancaina sauce with aji amarillo chili, chicken juice and fresh cheese
Gluten free option available

Aki-Maki + kimchee
Spring roll stuffed with our version of Madrid style tripe with Kimchee (Spicy)

You've come this far and you don't know what to order?
Let yourself go and enjoy tasting dishes until you say enough!!!! Ask our team of Chefs if there is any dish off the menu. Sometimes we have ephemeral star appearances.

Puff pastry patty with chocolate mole, pickled radish and pickled onion (somewhat spicy)

Sudanese Basta
Our version of a traditional Sudanese dessert that is served on special occasions as a symbol of gracefulness

Electric Candy
Surprise! (contains liquor)

Drink List

Homemade kefir or Kombucha drink
We make them ourselves, they are soft drinks with ingredients such as fruits or vegetables, fermented in a natural way
(Ask for the flavors, change every week)

Water in box 50 cl
Because the seas must be protected from single-use plastics!

Vermouth (glass)
Ideal appetizer to start the experience.
Vermouth is an aromatized fortified wine, flavoured with various botanicals and sometimes colored.